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What is an Android Server Telecom? Complete Guide

What is an android server telecom? This is a code-related android operating system that helps to manage, receive, and transfer calls. More functionally, this is a calling application. The calling application helps to connect with another person virtually. Video conferences and managing call logs are the main functions done by a calling application. Android server telecom is widely spread among the countries. And the service is so reliable than other servers.

What is An Android Server Telecom?

This is a default framework for android. With the help of the server, telecom users can manage their outgoing and incoming calls. This may include VOIP calls made using a SIM card. Telecom serves as a multiplexer, transferring calls and audio attention between a selected server, and this helps to have called interfaces on android devices.

For instance, think that you are taking a call from an android device. To connect this call to the correct person android framework and the sim card are compulsory. There is a link between both of them to manage this critical situation. The InCallUI controls the appearance of the caller interface.

What is Android User Telecom Used For?

As we already discussed, server telecom is the process of managing audio and video calls. By using the framework and sim card server, telecom connects the relevant calls with correct person. When the call is properly connected, the user can use the other features built into the system, such as call recording and loudspeaker. There are some main functions managed by the server telecom mentioned below,

1. Outgoing Call

This is the main feature that is maintained by the android server telecom. When some users start calling, the framework related to android links with the sim card and connect the call.

  1. Incoming Call

The incoming call is as same as the outgoing call. When an incoming call is active on the server, the framework connects with the sim, and the relevant call will be shown on android devices as a calling interface. 

  1. Call Details

And also, when a user receives a particular call, the details of the call are compulsory. Otherwise, the user will be unable to identify the number of the receiving call. To overcome this problem, InCallUI will help.

  1. Call Redirection

This function helps with call cancelation. The interaction between the server and the user can be redirected at any moment. All the records will be saved due to security concerns.

  1. Call Screening

There should be a display of details when a call is connecting. Screening is the process of displaying the call interface. Call screening is applicable in both default and third-party applications. Somehow the incoming call is blacklisted or blocked; the screening service will automatically decline that call.

  1. Conference Service

One of the essential features of the android telecom server is the conference call service. Conference service provides the ability to connect with multiple users at same time. And also, it helps to get the details of each associated number.

  1. Video Service

This function will save the specifics of a video call if you decide to make one. Social media video calls made through apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc., 

You can now find video call features with standard call functionality. You are not required to use any specific app. Provided video call is more secure than third-party apps. If you have security concerns, using the server telecom video calling is your choice. 

  1. Call Audio State

This function is for storing audio data. Stored details will be shown in the call log.

Android Server Telecom Alternatives.

The features of the default application will be limited due to privacy issues. Trying an alternative application will unlock more features other than the default android server telecom service. There are lots of alternative applications available in the app stores.

1. True caller Application

This is the most popular and reliable telecommunication service available in the world. This application can track the calls accurately and helps identify unknown numbers. Fancy way of pop-up messages and call dialing methods attracted teenagers very much.

  1. Eyecon Application

This is not popular as the true caller. But the tracking features of this alternative application are also accurate, like the actual caller. Most of the IT field people know this application. Considerably this application is still getting attention. In the future, eyecon will be the best android server telecom because the accuracy is a little more trustworthy than the actual caller.

  1. Dialer

Dialer software is another popular recommendation because it recognizes incoming calls and allows users to download the information for later use. The T9 dialer option makes finding contacts very simple, and users may change the theme whenever they wish to give the app a fresh look.

Can the Android Server Telecom Uninstall?

No, android server telecom cannot be removed or uninstalled because it is a part of the Android operating system. It can only be uninstalled with root assistance. You won’t be able to use a SIM card or VoIP if you deactivate this service from your device. This is an administrator application. Uninstalling will not be available if you try. Only the disabling service can be done.

Removing essential applications from the device may interact with the performance. Somehow you got any problem regarding the android server telecom; it will be fixable. But if you can’t do this task without guidance, feel free to contact a call agent to get instructions.


Android server telecom is the application that manages outgoing and incoming calls. This service is primarily typical on android devices. If you try to uninstall it from the system, there will be a huge chaos.

To manage the calls having this service is compulsory. Functions regarding the android telecom server are discussed in the article. Be sure to read the entire article. Apart from the default application, you can use third-party applications also. They have more functions than the default ones. They may be insecure but using them depends upon the user.

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