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What does Com Android Incallui Mean? – Explained

Although Android is known for being a user-friendly operating system, it still needs many files to run properly. On your Android devices, you could occasionally run into some function names while performing normal chores. You may have already run into words like Android.incallui and Android.incallui. So you might be wondering what does com Android incallui mean? Well. We’ve got you covered. For hundreds of Android users, these applications have caused a lot of confusion. After reading this, you’ll understand what this app performs and why it’s on your phone.

What does com Android Incallui Mean? 

The Calling interface’s files and source code get contained in the Android package com. Android.incallui. So, What does com Android incallui mean. It gets meant for you to manage your mobile phone and other calls using this interface. The UI has buttons for Record, Pause, Add Call, Remove, Keypad, Videochat, and Speaker, among others. As you probably already know, it would be preferable if you had all of these buttons to control various facets of a dialogue.

You may also infer that com. Android.incallui is a significant component of the Android operating system. The majority of Android devices are telephones. As a result, they periodically have to handle phone calls, which will be possible because of the incallui interface.

What does It Use For?

Apart from What does com Android incallui mean, you may be wondering about the purpose of and how does Android InCallUI operate? This application acts as a go-between for you and the Android OS. It performs several call-related tasks, including volume control, recording, and muting. This app also locks the screen when you’re on a call and gives you access to a notepad through its user interface. Finally, it aids in billing data tracking.

Go to the options menu on your Android device to uninstall InCallUI. Select “All applications” by selecting the “Apps” icon. InCallUI is now accessible from the System UI page. You can try it again after clearing your cache if there is a problem. Depending on your phone’s operating system, you may have to install a different software version of the app.

You may see the name or phone number of the person phoning you with InCallUI. Additionally, it can stop your phone from unexpectedly hanging up while you are close. Additionally, this software maintains a call record and can stop unapproved applications from running in the background. The inCallUI may also track your call history. Whenever your smartphone detects a face nearby, inCallUI will launch immediately and initiate the call.

Is it Safe To have This Application on Your Phone?

Since Call UI is a system app on Android devices, you don’t have to worry too much about whether it’s harmful. Given that Samsung created it, it is completely secure.

Some people think those who use this app are disloyal to their partners, and this has nothing to do with it and gets utilized by almost everyone who uses their Samsung smartphone to make calls.

You must have placed a call if you see the package name for this app in your Google Activities or another app of a similar nature.

How to Fix Com Android Incallui When It’s Stopped Working?

Unfortunately, has ceased errors and is pretty typical for Android system apps. Restarting your computer will fix the problem. However, if the issue continues and the InCallUI regularly crashes, use the solutions listed below to repair it:

Force Restart

A forced restart differs significantly from an ordinary restart, and your smartphone must restart and shut off all currently open apps.

When you force the Android system to restart, it also ensures that the cached data of particular apps that might assist you in resolving the IncallUI problem get recreated.

  • As soon as you notice a vibration, press and hold the button.
  • Till the Android logo appears on the screen, keep the power switch depressed.
  • Wait for such a boot before releasing the button.

After turning on the Android, try launching the app to see whether the error has got fixed.

Clear Cache

A corrupt cache might potentially bring on a problem with the IncallUI app package, and the app’s cache can also resolve the issue.

To delete the IncallUI cache, follow the following;

  • Access the Samsung Android settings.
  • Click Apps.
  • Locate IncallUI and press to view the app property.
  • Select Clear Cache. 
  • Return and restart your device to see if the issue has got fixed.


To resolve the has stopped the problem, ensure your Android apps are up to date.

To upgrade the applications to the newest version, adhere to the instructions below;

  • Start the Samsung Play Store.
  • Click My Apps from the hamburger menu by tapping the three dots.
  • Next, choose Update All.
  • After the update is complete, restart your device to check if the issue has got fixed.

On Android, updating apps to the most recent version not only aids in resolving app bugs but also helps safeguard your device from potential hacker assaults.

What If You Delete this Application?

You shouldn’t delete these files or try to uninstall them unless you want to break the device’s ability to make calls. You cannot remove these system applications from your smartphone to start with. Even if you can remove these applications from your PC, you shouldn’t. The whole calling experience will get ruined, and you might need to use recovery procedures.

Final Thought

On your Samsung smartphone, is a software program that manages the user interface you to view when placing or receiving calls. It also manages the more complex functionality, such as the option to hold, mute, or add other callers.

Even though each of these applications deals with calls, they are different from one another. If you experience problems with an app, you may force it to stop or clean its cache, restart your device, or even update the OS.

Hopefully, this essay gave you the solutions you needed. You might discover more in our similar articles if you thought it was instructive.

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