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safety – The true cause bitcoin wants merkle proof for SPV pockets?


I do know precisely what merkle tree is, and I do know it’s used to verfy a transaction is in a block with only a hundred of bytes flowing by means of my community cable(do I actually lack that metabytes of information site visitors?).

I additionally know {that a} full node holds all block knowledge, however a SPV shopper holds solely the headers.

All the above could not convice me, why can we on earth want the space-consuming merkle tree construction, and the merkle proof authentication mechanism? Sure the complete node simply have to ship a log~2~N path to the SPV shopper thus saves loads community site visitors, the SPV shopper maintain the header so it has the merkle root, then it verifies completed.

However, all of those are assuming the complete node isn’t faking, if it fakes, then all of those is meaningless, you could say the hash algorithm forestall the complete node from faking, SPV shopper has the merkle root, it is not possible for the complete node to forge the transaction. Okay, then, the place did the SPV shopper’s merkle root get from? additionally the complete node proper?

If the complete node fakes, how may we consider the proof it gives? Why not the SPV simply ship the transaction hash to the complete node and let the complete node returns a real/false?


Sasith Mawan
Sasith Mawan
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