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mining reward – Why did Satoshi select to begin the block subsidy at 50 bitcoin per block?


Whereas I haven’t got a particular reply to this query, having not seen something written by Satoshi justifying this selection, an attention-grabbing property of beginning the block reward at 50 is that, on the finish of the 4-year halving interval that generates X bitcoin per block, X% of the provision stays unmined. For the reason that present (2022) reward is 6.25 BTC per block, it is easy to know that 93.75% of the 21m bitcoins can have been mined on the subsequent halving.

Another excuse for the selection of fifty could also be {that a} totally different selection would have modified the 21 million complete provide (until different adjustments have been made as properly). It could appear that this complete is unfair too, however this reply explains why this complete works properly with 64-bit floating-point illustration.


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Sasith Mawan
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