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Keyboard Shortcuts/Hotkeys When Writing DAX in Energy BI Desktop

DAX Keyboard Shortcuts in Power BI Desktop

Keyboard shortcuts is an attention-grabbing matter for developes that may actually enhance your report growth in Energy BI Desktop. On this publish I present you some keyboard shortcuts/hotkeys when writing DAX in Energy BI Desktop.


  • Indend proper: Ctrl + ]
  • Indent left: Ctrl + [

Mini-tip: You can also indent your code to ther right by pressing TAB or indent left by pressing Shift + TAB. But, the difference is that if your cursor is in the middle of a line, when you press TAB it divides your code to two pieces and indends the characters to the right from the position that cursor is in.

  • New line keep indent: Shift + Enter
  • New line starting from first of line: Alt + Enter
  • Activate Intellicence: Ctrl + Space
  • Comment multiple lines: Ctrl + KC or Ctrl + /
  • Uncomment multiple lines: Ctrl + KU or Ctrl + /
  • Move the current line up/down: Alt + Up/Down Arrow Key
  • Enter multiple lines of code at once: Ctrl + Alt + Up/Down Arrow Key
  • Find and replace a word: Ctrl + D to highlight the current word, Ctrl + D again to find/highligh the same next word. Continue pressing Ctrl + D to find/highlight all same words, then start typing to replace all words at once
  • Find and replace all of a kind at once: Ctrl + Shift + L to highlight a part of your DAX expression then start typing to replace the highlighted words at once

Mini-tip: You can use Ctrl + / to comment/uncomment all lines including a desired word.

  • Go to line number: Ctrl + G
  • Deleting a word: Ctrl + Del
  • Deleting a/multiple lines: Ctrl + Shif + K. To highlight multiple lines then Ctrl + Shif + K

Question: Do the shortcuts above work when writing DAX in Power Pivot or SSAS Tabular Model? No!

Last word: I was thinking of adding screen captured GIF animations, but, I thought it takes a lot of time to produce such a thing and this is meant to be a quick tip. So I didn’t do that.




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