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How Do I Unlock Home Screen Layout? [On Android / iPhone]

There are some problems which every mobile phone user finds irrespective of the brand or the type they use. Finding that the icons on your screen cannot be moved will give you a peculiar meaning at a time, as your screen is locked by chance. How do I unlock home screen layout? This is the next thing you search for when in such times. We are here to vanish all your doubts into thin air.

The home screen could be locked by a simple mistake made by you. Whether you are an Apple, Samsung, Redmi, Oppo, Xiaomi, Nokia, or Huawei user, locking the home screen without knowing is a universal matter. 

An unlocked screen will offer you the opportunity of replacing the icons as per your choice, adjust those according to your priorities, and design the home screen of your own. It is essential to have an unlocked screen when you are downloading a new app. The reason is that its shortcut is placed on your phone’s home screen if it is only unlocked.

On the contrary, if the home screen is locked, the icons will not dance! There are some instances where the phone screen is not off; we accidentally touch a place, then the icons start their own functioning and end in a total mess. Therefore, locking after placing the icons in the relevant places will give you a priceless advantage.

This app icons locking feature was available in smartphones from primary genres of introduction. There is a distinguishable difference in the methods of unlocking and locking the home screen layout in iPhones and Android. But both ways are as easy as pie.

How Do I Unlock Home Screen Layout?

With the sole role of managing the home screen icons, the home screen layout function is available in every kind of smartphone. As we discussed earlier, there is a difference in the process of unlocking in Android and apple. We will describe both ways here in this article.

Let’s go with Android first.

How To Unlock Home Screen Layout On Android?

Are you an android user who has currently baffled thinking about how to unlock home screen layout in order to delete an app? Go through the following instruction and check whether those are possible with the phone model you use.

Long press the home screen and then visit the settings of your mobile. Going to settings could be done in another way. Drag your notification bar down. Next select settings.

Select the home screen from the menu that shows up. There you can see a pushbutton (on/off switch) as the lock home screen layout. It must be on when you visit there. You can simply switch off it, and you are all done. Now you can perform the home screen act that you need. Exit and try it! 

Anyone using phones like Samsung and Redmi etc., can try this way to unlock their home screen layouts.

In Huawei, you can see the home screen and wallpaper in the settings menu. Go to it and then tap on the lock home screen layout option that has been turned on. It will unlock your phone’s home screen layout.

In Samsung S8, S9, and S10, the method is slightly different. When you go to the settings there, you must continue with the display. Then go to the home screen. Finally, you can disable the on/off switch that has been enabled at the moment.

If you have an oppo, then go to the settings and choose the home screen and lock screen option. On the list below, you will see that the home screen is locked. Now, tap on that ash color switch. After that, you can do whatever you want to do with your home screen.

How To Unlock Home Screen Layout On iPhone?

Follow the steps below if you are an Apple user who needs an unlock in the home screen layout.

  • First, as in all the ways, go to settings. From the list, select general and move to accessibility.
  • Then find home.
  • Touch the toggle switch and unlock. You can identify if the process was successful by the button changing from ash color to blue.

If you have a locked home screen layout, you can’t change the layout structure and the placement of widgets. Once you have unlocked the home screen layout, you can change the structure of the home screen as per your desire too.

How to Lock Home Screen?

Easy! Isn’t it? If you again want to lock the home screen layout after you make the arrangements that you want to do, then follow the same route in settings and switch on the home screen layout lock. 

What is the Home Screen on Android?

It is the screen that you meet when you unlock the phone by using your pattern, pin, or fingerprint. This contains apps, widgets, shortcuts, notification icons, etc. When compared with a pc, it is matched with the desktop. 

Where Are Home Screen Settings?

Home screen settings come within the settings app. Tap on the settings icon on your home screen. Then you will be given a list of items, and you will find home screen settings there. You can go to settings by long pressing the home screen too.

What is a Locked Home Screen?

It is the option that avoids the home screen changes by the owner or someone else. The feature could be seen in both Android and iPhones. In detail, we have discussed how to unlock each type in the above paragraphs. You can’t move or delete any apps, change widgets, etc., when the lock is on.


The way of unlocking a home screen layout is way too simple a function. Unlocking will provide you the freedom to move apps, delete unnecessary, move widgets, add widgets, etc.

We have discussed all the ways you can follow to unlock home screen layouts in android phones and iPhones together with all the steps in this article.

Locking the home screen layout is a wise way that you can follow to avoid deletes that happens accidentally. 

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