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How to Screen Record on Samsung A11? [Complete Guide]

Are you looking for a way to record your screen and use it for a video or make a blog on your Samsung A11 mobile phone but don’t know how to do it? So, then let’s see how to screen record on Samsung A11.

What is Screen Recording?

It is a technique of recording what is shown on the screen. There are several uses for screen recording, including providing tutorials, recording webinars, and capturing game sessions.

What is the Process of Screen Recording? 

You have to utilize a screen-recording application to record your phone. Afterward, you choose whether to record the fullscreen mode, a specified region, or a particular application. Additionally, you have the option of recording cameras and voice. After establishing the recording settings, you start and pause it as necessary. As a result, you will have a recording of what was displayed on your device. 

Many applications would let you capture your display, as well as a variety of tools you may install and several built-in recording tools.

Can you Screen Record on Samsung A11?

Ofcourse, you can. Samsung A11 is a mobile phone that is capable of screen recording. You may be able to screen record on the Samsung A11 with in-built software or third-party software. 

Samsung A11 is a 6.4-inch PLS LCD panel smartphone from 2020. it offers you a 13mp main wide lens, a 5mp ultrawide angle lens, a 2mp depth sensor, and an 8mp front-facing selfy camera. It comes with 2-4 GB of ram, 32 GB/64 GB ROM, and a 14 nm snapdragon 450 processor.

It was a pretty competent device back in the day.

How to Screen Record on Samsung A11?

screen recording your smartphone in a clip with audio can be extremely useful for performing a video guide or teaching a colleague how to execute specific functions in a smartphone, store it in a multimedia file, and then share or publish it to a site like Facebook or social media.

You can screen record on your device with built-in software or third-party software. Let’s look at them deeply.

How to Screen Record on Samsung A11 with Built-in Software?

  • The screen capture feature may be accessed by swiping downwards of the device to reveal the fast toggle choices on the status bar.
  • Then, hold the Screen Recorder feature.
  • This will bring up the screen capturing options page, which allows you to select between 480p to 1080p resolution for video quality.
  • You have the choices of No audio, Media Voice, Media Background music, and Microphone in audio settings.
  • After finishing the screen recorder setup, switch it on by clicking the Screen Recorder button in the notification area. A popup window will open; select the audio input, then Start Recording.
  • You will notice a counting down meter before the screen recording begins, a floating panel with a Brush tool and colors to work on the panel, and an option to choose the front face camera footage to be shown on the device.
  • To end the filming, press the Stop button on the widget.
  • The footage will be instantly stored in your Samsung A11 Gallery Application.

What If there is No Screen Recorder Button on the Quick Panel?

  • Select the vertical three-dot symbol in the Quick Access Panel’s upper right-hand corner.
  • After that, tap “Button Order.” The Recording Screens icon will appear; drag it and add it to the Tool Bar.

Or else, you may use the Samsung Game Launcher app to record the screen. It allows you to video and streams your gameplay, but you may capture any page instead.

How to Screen Record on Samsung A11 with Third-party Software?

  • Navigate to the Play Store or galaxy store on your Samsung A11 mobile.
  • Next, enter “Screen Recorder” into the search box and hit “Search.”
  • Pick a screen capture tool from the selection that you prefer, then install it.
  • To begin recording the screen, press the Start button in the software
  • These choices may rarely be seen directly on the status bar.
  • The display may be recorded using the third-party Recorder software after installation.

How Much Storage Does it Take to Screen Record?

Screen recording can take quite an amount of storage on your device based on your recording resolution, audio input, etc. It would take approximately 220 MB per hour if recorded in 720p and 40 MB per hour in 360p.

What does the Mobile Screen Recorder do?

As implied by the name, it means to record whatever appears on the device screen. Even though some companies sometimes include a built-in screen recorder on certain smartphones, the function seldom performs as well as an actual program. You require a screen recorder made specifically for iOS and Android.

Can you Record Your Screen in 4K?

Yeah, of course. But you can only record your screen in 4K using applications that supports 4K recording. Examine this by visiting the settings page of your screen recorder. A section titled “quality of the video” or “video resolution” must be accessible. Examine the footage quality options to determine if 4K is among them.

Can the Samsung Galaxy A11 Screen Capture with Sound?

Absolutely, you may tape both the display and the sound using the screen recorder on the Samsung A11, which has a sound recording feature.

Is my Smartphone Display being Captured, and How Can I Tell?

Examine the screen captures section in the photo album on your device. Images of your photos or chats signify that anything has been planted on your device. Additionally, search your voice notes for any recordings you may have made without using your smartphone.

How Can I Know If Someone is Recording What I do on My iPhone Screen?

While your display has been captured, you’ll either see a red bar over the top of your display (on earlier iPhone models) or a red glow-in behind the clock (on newer iPhones). To discontinue filming, tap the red button.


Now you might know How to screen record on Samsung galaxy A11. You can use built-in software or download and record with a third-party application. Record in the ideal resolution according to your storage capacity.

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