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How to Re stick LED Lights? [Useful Ways & Easy Steps]

LED lamp innovation has grown significantly to another height in the last few years. There isn’t any nicer illumination accessible for house decor than LED strip lights. LED strip illumination is the most popular choice for special event interior and exterior illumination. LED strip lamps are incredibly simple to install in any accessible, close location and quickly illuminate the region. Tape LEDs can occasionally require moving from one location to another. The topic of the ability to dismantle and reapply tape leds then occurs. So, how to re stick led lights? Let’s find out.

Is It Possible to Take Apart and Re-stick Leds?

Absolutely, you may transfer LED tape bulbs from one spot to the next and then re-stick them. These don’t function the same as regular bulbs, which require fixed installations. The tape led can be reused when moving from an old house to a modern home. To avoid harming the wall, you must understand the correct technique for removing tape lamps from the surfaces where you’ve placed these. Likewise, you must understand how to load Led bulbs while moving from one location to the next and how to precisely re-stick those.

How Can LED Stripe Bulbs Be Removed Without Hurting Wall?

Strong glue is typically used on LED tape lights to ensure optimal surface adhesion. Because of this, you must be extremely cautious while removing the LED tape lamps from the wall to prevent the paintwork from chipping off. The procedures for removing tape lights from a surface are listed below.

  • For your own safety, you must deactivate the led illumination. Led lamps typically possess low power; however, they nevertheless pose a danger of being electrocuted.
  • The tape must be peeled off starting at one edge. Till you approach the other side, gradually and evenly pull the tape. Tearing from the center will harm both the tape and the wall.
  • You must gradually remove the tape in order to properly pull it off from one side. A strong force and pulling will also cause the paintwork on the surface to fall off. In order to dissolve the binding between the glue and the material, you need to apply heat to the area where the tape is stuck. Warm the tape beam’s tip using low to moderate power before increasing the temperature. The tape led must then be heated gradually and peeled off as necessary.
  • Employ your manicure to extract one edge of the tape. You could employ a penny or a blade to pull off rather than fingernails. You shouldn’t be reluctant, even if a tiny amount of the house paint comes off. If the glue is too firm, you will be required to retain the tape light in place, or you’ll need to remove part of the paintwork from the board before you can remove the lamp from the board and respray it.

Ensure to remove and disconnect the LED tape lighting all at once to avoid the glue hardening up again.

What Kind of Adhesive is Used to Re-stick LED Tape?

You can use any kind of glue or tape that sticks to the surface of the led and the surface of your wall. In addition, you might have to pay extra attention if the adhesive will damage your wall or not when removing it when done with it or stuck wrong in the first place. You may use these adhesives with ease to mount your led strips.

  • Sticky tape
  • Adhesive sealant
  • Wire clip 
  • Staples
  • Flexible Glues
  • LED Wraps

How to Re stick Led Lights?

  1. Eliminate Old Glues

Removing or scraping off the old glue from the rear of the LED panels is the initial stage in re-sticking these.

If a power failure knocks your bulbs out of place, you may be required to clean up any sticky mess before using fresh glue.

You may also peel off the old adhesive if you’ve been using them for a long and they’re not adhering anymore.

  1. Clear the Contact Area

You must attach the led tape to fresh, dust- and dirt-free surfaces.

To guarantee a solid bond with the fresh glue, thoroughly wash it with water or apply a professional solvent, such as wiping alcohol.

  1. Trim the Led Tape

You will be required to trim your led light panels to length if they hang off the ceiling due to being too long.

While trimming the pieces, be extremely precise and employ a fine scissors pair or a blade to ensure that they are flat and even. Employ a utility knife to prevent jagged edges.

  1. Establish a Channel

You may be required to build channels prior to putting the Led tape below, based on the type of surface you’re using. If so, a larger led light tape circuit that can accommodate the Led’s length must be employed.

Ensure that they’re straight & tight by assuring that they fit nicely into the circuit’s slots.

  1. Place the New Glue

You have to place a thin, uniform amount of fresh glue on the backside of the Led panels for them to stick to them properly once more.

Once more, carefully align the corners before adhering them to your surface to ensure that they remain flat and level. Additionally, resist folding the sticky tape across itself because doing so will reduce its stickiness.

  1. Allow the Led to Dry

Ensure that the Led sheets are dry when turning them on after properly reapplying them.

You should put them somewhere cold and airy, like an empty house, because it can be a long process. Prevent intense daylight and climate control as much as possible since they could rip off more quickly.

  1. Check Your Installed Led Tape

You might want to review the leds stripes one more to ensure they operate properly after the glue has cured.

If you have experienced power outage issues with it, it is recommended to hook them into a power cord that has a switch to interrupt an abrupt shift in energy release. Doing this may reduce the likelihood that your lights will go out afterwards.


We believe you’ve understood that reattaching Led tape, which is almost likely one of the finest practical lighting elements someone might add to their residence, is not that difficult. No matter why you have to relocate them, you are not required to be afraid of the procedure because you can accomplish it without removing the paintwork from the surfaces or harming the decor. Your Led pieces may be taken off and used again.

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