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How to Delete DraftKings Account? [Step By Step Guide]

DraftKings; As soon as anyone mentions the name, you know what industry the company is in. Not only that but how established the brand is. We will discuss one specific question of DraftKings users. That problem is “How to delete DraftKings account?”. So we have to understand it in detail.

When you say DraftKings, you know this is a powerful, internationally recognised fantasy-based game website. Starting in a spare bedroom in 2012, the business has expanded to 15 professional sports and 8 countries.

How to Delete DraftKings Account?

The problem with the sportsbook and many issues with the daily fantasy sports operator can be seen as a common reason for making this decision. Sometimes new updates of the Draftkings website and app may also be the reason. However, it is possible to do this as soon as possible. It’s actually straightforward.

You can accomplish these tasks very easily in two main ways. The first way is to cancel your Draftkings account by making a request via e-mail. You can also close your account through the website as another method. Let us explain these two methods step by step so that it is effortless to understand.

Method 01: By E-mail

Of course, when you want to close your DraftKings account, sending an e-mail is quite simple and convenient. All you have to do is visit their official website first. Find their contact e-mail address on the Privacy Policy page of the DraftKings website. If necessary, I will mention it in the following steps. Pay careful attention to the next steps.

  • Step 01: Access your e-mail account first. Write a new e-mail.
  • Step 02: Enter in the “To Address” section.
  • Step 03: In the subject section, type “Request to delete my DraftKings account.”
  • Step 04: Now write the e-mail describing that you want to close the “Sports Betting Account.” There you don’t need to explain the reason for closing. But be sure to mention your username. And if you want, submit a request to withdraw the amount remaining in the account.
  • Step 05: Check that everything is there and send the e-mail.

After these few simple steps, you will receive a reply from the DraftKings support team. It takes a few hours. You will be informed that your account has been deleted and unsubscribed from their e-mail service.

Method 02: By Through the DraftKings Website

If you find dealing with an e-mail a hassle or difficult task, try this method of deleting your account through their website. These are just a few straightforward steps, like the first method. Come on, let’s explain that too.

  • Step 01: First, you click on the link “” and visit the Contact Us page on the Draftkings website.
  • Step 02: Then find and click on the ‘Want to Send Us a Message’ section of the web page.
  • Step 03: Now, you have to select My Account and enter your username properly.
  • Step 04: Enter the correct e-mail address associated with the account you are about to delete.
  • Step 05: Enter “Request to Delete My Draftkings Account” in the subject line and explain why you want to delete the account in the message section. 
  • Step 06: Now, all you have to do is submit. After you submit it, the deletion process will begin.

Did you see how easy it is? Of course, you can easily delete your DraftKings account in both these ways.

Are There Other Methods to Close your DraftKings Account?

Imagine if someone is unfamiliar with the technology or has difficulty spending time on the above two processes; how can they delete the DraftKings account? Is there really such a way?

In fact, there is another method besides these two main techniques. Let’s explain a little about that too.

Closing a DraftKings Account by Telephone

All you have to do here is to contact them directly through DraftKings customer service and request to close your account. No doubt you feel this is a bit outdated. On the other hand, this is a bit disadvantageous. Let’s explain why.

You will have evidence and data about everything if you request through the website or e-mail. Things like the time & date you made the request and the date and time they responded. Also, you can find the date and time of the closing of your account whenever you need it. But you don’t get such proof when making your request over the phone. If you would have any future problems regarding this, you will be in trouble. Therefore, submitting your request through the website or through the e-mail service is advantageous in all respects.

Does It Permanently Delete this Account?

After you make a request to the DraftKings support team, they will start the deletion process and delete it permanently.

If you have any money left before you delete your account, you must withdraw it. My suggestion is to do the deletion after the money is credited to your account. Then there will be no problem. Let’s see how to get cashback in a DraftKings account.

How to Withdraw Money from Draftkings?

  • Step 01: First, select your desired game and sign-in
  • Step 02: Then log-in by applying your username and password
  • Step 03: Click on the “My Account” section on the right side upper of the page that appears.
  • Step 04: Enter the required amount in the Withdraw section. (There is no minimum withdrawal here, so you can take the entire amount
  • Step 05: “Request Withdrawal.” Click.


Many people love to bet on fantasy sports. So DraftKings is a reputed brand in that regard. Today we talked about “How to Delete Drafting Account?”. I believe you have gotten a very detailed and clear understanding of it in two ways. Now you know how to properly delete your account through an e-mail or website. In addition, we discussed that it is possible to make a request even by Telephone. You may also have a clear understanding of the disadvantages of telephone solicitation. I hope this article will give you the answers you were looking for.

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