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How to Connect Xbox Controller to Chromebook? [Step By Step]

The Xbox controllers may have evolved a lot from its initial release when it appeared to be meant primarily for folks with enormous arms. Today’s architecture is more compact, comfortable, and haptic and has been developed with each new iteration. The gamepad will be instantly recognizable to billions of individuals. Therefore it makes sense that you would want to take advantage of a number of the benefits of utilizing one of the most widely used gamepads on the market today if you’re enjoying video games on your Chromebook. Use an Xbox controller instead of a keyboard and mouse to play Steam games on Chromebooks. So, if you wanted to play on a Chromebook via the Xbox controller, how to connect the Xbox controller to Chromebook? Let us find out.

Can I Use an Xbox Controller on My Chromebook?

Yes, you can connect an Xbox controller to your Chromebook and enjoy a whole different level of gaming instead of using just a keyboard and a mouse. It’s one thing whether you’re enjoying video games on your mobile device and can make greater use of the display tap capabilities. It’s, however, completely another thing if you venture into the realm of Computer gaming.

A universe of entertainment potential that users have yet to experience on the Chrome Operating system is now largely owing to Google as well as Valve’s attempts to bring Steam to Chromebooks. You may attach an Xbox gamepad to a Chromebook to play Steam applications in addition to the preferred computer’s keyboard and mouse. 

Make absolutely sure that the Xbox joystick is patched to the most recently accessed newest versions prior you begin. Given that there exists a specific tool for Windows that does precisely this, Microsoft simplifies this procedure very simpler than you may anticipate.

Nevertheless, you must first make sure of the items listed prior to proceeding with the procedure:

  • Verify that the Xbox gamepad’s software is current. Check out the Xbox Controller upgrade if required.
  • There are no defects from the factory, such as bodily injury.
  • Verify that the device version you are using is suitable.

Use these procedures to link your controller if everything appears in order.

How to Connect Xbox Controller to Chromebook?

The excellent thing is that it’s extremely straightforward to link your Chromebook and Xbox joystick. The basic and fastest method is to connect your controller to the Chromebook straight via a Power cord. Click the Xbox icon on the joystick to restart it if the Chromebook is not recognizing it, or disconnect it and re-plug it in if that doesn’t work.

  1. Employing Bluetooth

  • Browse the ChromeOS settings page.
  • Select Connect new device under Bluetooth.
  • Switch on your Xbox joystick.
  • Keep pressing the Link key if required until it starts blinking.
  • The Xbox gamepad ought to be included within the Available accessories on the Chromebook.
  • Simply Right tap it to interact.

All Bluetooth Xbox devices that are interoperable with this technique will function.

  1. Connecting via USB Cord

  • Use a USB cord to attach the joystick if it is cabled.
  • The Chromebook must detect it with no issue.

The above two procedures describe how to link a Chromebook with an Xbox One, 360, or another corded or cordless device. It ought to definitely operate without issue. 

Why Won’t My Xbox Controller Connect to My Chromebook?

The preceding factors may apply if the Xbox joystick is unable to attach to the Chromebook:

  • Accessibility Case

To interact, the device you are employing must not be functional with the Chromebook.

  • Pair Switch

You have not prompted the Link option. Users might be required to click and maintain the Link icon, as was indicated in the procedure. Or else, it’s possible that the Bluetooth connection list won’t show your joystick.

  • Technical Flaws

Another potential cause of the Xbox Device’s inability to communicate with the Chromebook

  • Problems in your Laptop

Trouble on the Chromebook Your Laptop might very well possibly be the source of the issue. The Xbox Controllers can’t communicate if the Wireless system is broken or if there are additional glitches or issues.

  • Not Updated

Similar to any electronic technology, the Xbox devices have programming that should be maintained. Without these patches, they may not operate properly. The insufficiently current controller software can lead you to difficulties connecting to the Chromebook. The device’s inability to communicate is also a result of inadequate software. We advise you to upgrade the Xbox Device’s software and reboot it in this kind of circumstance. It will often fix any network problems. 

  • Poor Battery Charge

A LED color should be visible on the controller’s front whenever the joystick is connected and trying to charge. The cell might be lifeless and requires recharging for a minimum of 120 minutes before it can be utilized again if there is no light beam.

  • Incorrect USB Connection

If the Xbox gamepad Power cord is linked to the incorrect socket, it may not identify your equipment.

  • Communication Conflict

If your device isn’t ensuring continuity, electromagnetic congestion may be the blame. Other cordless gadgets like mouse and joystick are the most prevalent sources of infrared radiation.

You may resolve such a problem by conducting a few tests before developing technological solutions. These consist of the following:

  • Verify that perhaps the Xbox remote is connected correctly.
  • When using the gamepad with the system, ensure the cells are full.
  • Change to a different USB connector on your machine or a different power connection if feasible. Certain Access points are more dependable than others, so your USB connection might be broken or defective.
  • Check if turning off any potential interference sources aids the network in remaining stable.
  • To test whether it succeeds, reconnect to some other computer. If so, your initial gadget could have been fragmented or harmed.


From its initial release, when it appeared to be exclusively made for persons with enormous fingers, the Xbox joystick has advanced significantly. But, when it refers to using your Xbox controller to participate in activities on your Chromebook, these are some jigsaws. So, you can connect your Xbox controller to your Chromebook with the help of this article.

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