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How To Cancel Q Link Wireless? All You Need To Know beforehand

Q link wireless is a free wireless telecommunication service. The company is based in America, Dania, Florida. It provides wireless voice, messaging, data, and prepaid mobile phone services powered by Hello Mobile Brand to lifeline-eligible customers. The company focuses on eligible low-income citizens, funded by the Universal service fund. This article will explain how to cancel Q link wireless.

As previously stated, the Q link wireless consumers are offered a  free service, but the company charges if you purchase extra limits. Though the Q link wireless is an affordable telecommunication service, many would want to cancel.

There is no specific reason individual sticks to cancel the Q link wireless service, and the reason varies from each person. But it is vital to know how to cancel Q link wireless correctly.

The Q link wireless is one of the largest telecommunication services in the state, with a broad network. The Q link wireless is a company that belongs to Quadrant LLC. The company was established in 2011 by Issa Asad, the present CEO since Q link Wireless was founded.

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Why Cancel Q Link Wireless

As previously stated, the reason to cancel the Q link wireless varies from each person, though it provides an affordable service to the low-income citizen. Below are some of the reasons, according to research; briefly explain why you would cancel the Q link wireless.

  1. One of the most common reasons to cancel the Q link wireless is when you are offered a better deal from another company. Some companies give better deals to new customers. Thus some might get attracted for this reason and are triggered to switch to new communication.
  2. If one faces network issues in the area and the Q link wireless has poor coverage, which does not support basic needs, it could be a hassle. It is also inconvenient in the case of an emergency when the connection is bad. Thus, this could be one of the reasons to cancel the service.
  3. Another possible reason to cancel the Q link wireless is if your device provided by the company is stolen or lost. If the device is stolen, there are chances your device is being used, and charges could add to your account and spike up your bill. It is vital to cancel the service immediately if your device is lost.
  4. The Q link wireless is a service directed to eligible low-income citizens. Thus, if you have found a new job that has increased your income, you don’t belong to the eligible category. The government cancels your service and the benefits of the service once you are financially stable.
  5. An individual can get bored using the same service for too long and might want to switch to another connection. People get a new connection for a difference and will cancel the old service for that reason.

What To Consider Before Canceling Q Link Wireless?

Canceling the Q link wireless service is easy, but you must follow a few steps before canceling Q link wireless. Below are the steps that you must keep in mind and follow before canceling the Q link wireless.

  1. Back up data from the Q link wireless account before canceling the service. The company provides you with a device when you register; thus, once you cancel the service, the device belongs to the company. It is vital to back your data from the Q link account and transfer it to another device. But this won’t be necessary if you have paid for your device.
  2. You can keep your Q link number if you want to or give it out. But you cannot re-access the number if you want to register to the Q link again. Because, after the cancellation, the number that belongs to the company will provide to a new customer. However, during the cancellation process, the company confirms this from the customer.
  3. Settle all business affairs with the service provider before canceling the Q link wireless. Please do not leave any arrears bills as it could make it tough to cancel the service.
  4. It is vital to find a new telecommunication service before you cancel the Q link wireless as it might take some time to find a good network service, depending on the circumstances, to set up. Thus it is better to find a better telecommunication service before canceling Q link wireless.
  5. During the registration process, you are provided a few documents from the Q link, which are needed during the cancellation process. Get ready with all your documents before canceling the service to make the process easier and quicker.

How To Cancel Q Link Wireless?

There are different ways to cancel the Q link wireless, and the company also does not charge for the canceling process. The method used to cancel the Q link wireless depends on the personal preference and convenience of the consumer. Below are different ways to cancel the Q link wireless.

  1. Cancel Online – you can cancel the service by visiting the Q link official website and logging in to your account. Fill in the necessary information, and read the terms and conditions before canceling.
  2. Contact Via phone – You can contact the Q link customer service by dialing 1-855-754-6543, and a representative will contact you regarding the cancellation. You will have to answer and help the representative by answering a few questions about the cancellation.
  3. Visit The Store – If a Q-link branch is located around your region, you can visit them directly and cancel the service.
  4. Automatic Cancellation – Your service is automatically canceled if your device is stolen or lost, ineligible to the program, bills aren’t settled, or if the terms, conditions, and regulations are violated or against it.


The time taken to disconnect the service after canceling the Q link wireless depends on the method. But if you cancel it via phone by contacting customer service, it might only take a few minutes. After the service cancellation, you can no longer use the connection for calls, and you’ll be notified through the company.

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