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Channel Verification Level Too High On Discord [SOLVED]

Users could connect via texting, video calls, and encrypted media and it also allows document sharing on the online network called Discord. It also gives a group messaging option that gets referred to as “servers.” A server that you establish has categories. The “channel verification level too high” is among the most significant problems all we’ve experienced.

This issue prevents users from using any server voice connection or textual channel. A Discord developer has resolved this problem in a more recent version of Discord. You shouldn’t get concerned if you experience a similar situation; several approaches can help you quickly fix it. This guide will discuss how to rectify this problem of Discord in straightforward steps.

Quick Summary: Discord’s “High” authentication level requires users to have been active on the channel for at least ten mins. Additionally, their email address should be verified, and registering should take longer than 5 mins.

Read more about this bug and the steps for fixing it.

There are five degrees of authentication in Discord, from zero to maximum. By doing so, the server’s security gets guaranteed, protecting itself and the users from malicious activity. It is an issue that got fixed in an upcoming release. Let’s look at what does channel verification level too high means.

Channel Verification Level Too High on Discord

Whenever you configure your authentication level to a higher degree to join your Discord server. It gets referred to as having a channel verification level that is too excessive. Utilizing the following security settings, you protect your server. Higher authentication on Discord requires the individual to have a confirmed email address. And ask asks user’s cellphone number for their registration.

Along with requiring a verified email and a minimum 5-minute registration on Discord. You also need to engage on the channel for 10 minutes.


Discord features servers similar to Facebook pages. A server owner has complete discretion over how he chooses to create, alter, or manage it. The server’s administrator will occasionally add moderate, high, or maximum degrees of authentication.

The highest degree of confirmation demands two-factor authentication for the Discord consideration. The subscriber must connect his smartphone server to the Discord profile. It gets intended to uphold safety and ensure that the Discord member doesn’t engage in questionable behavior on that channel.

Although the consumer has two-factor identification enabled. The maximum degree of verification gets required by Discord. Discord nonetheless displayed the error for the consumer. It’s due to a problem. Additionally, this flaw prevents users from joining audio streams or text-based chat chats.

How to Fix Channel Verification Level Too High On Discord?

An error warning in an earlier version of Discord reads, “Discord network authentication level too higher.” The user could not access the messaging or audio channels as an outcome. However, the most recent versions of Discord include a remedy for this flaw or a warning message. Consequently, upgrading the Discord application must resolve the problem. The issue has attracted the focus of Discord’s designers after several users expressed concern about it.

To resolve it, Discord received a new update. The consumers must nevertheless complete the server owner’s specified level of authentication. Users do not require two-factor identification if the server operator has set the confirmation level to minimal.

  • Suppose the server operator configured the degree of authentication to moderate. Then, each server participant is required to have a Discord profile with a 5 min session duration. It indicates that the account entered the server and remained there for more than five mins. The profile holder could then utilize the audio stream or conversation on that service.
  • Suppose the degree of authentication is excessively high. In that scenario, the account must be on the network for longer than 10 mins before being able to communicate or use the audio channels.
  • Suppose the server’s authentication setting gets set to the maximum setting. All users must have confirmed mobile accounts linked to them to utilize the voice channels or speak in the chatbox. There shouldn’t be any problems with the authentication difficulty if they adhere to the requirements above.

Discord Server Verification

Any standards above must get met to qualify for a recognized server. Applicants must provide the required documentation to demonstrate their legitimacy. To gauge a user’s fan base and determine what kind of innovative person he is. Discord will question the individual about his firm, organization, or profile connection. A verifying symbol would appear next to the person’s name on their Discord channel if they meet the requirements.

To get a verified server, they must have the abovementioned requirements. Then they have to apply here with the correct information to prove that he is a legit content creator, esports team, artist, or game developer. Discord will ask the user about his company, group, or profile link to get an idea of his fan following and what kind of creative artist he is. If the person fulfils the criteria, he will get a verification mark on his discord server.

Remove Fixing Verification Issue on Discord

There isn’t a set mechanism to manually remove the server authentication status. However, the server operator could contact Discord assistance to disable the authentication symbol. And for that, by providing proof that he is the server’s administrator and wishes to erase the authentication marking. The authentication symbol could get removed if the server satisfies any of the following factors.

  • The connection is no anymore maintained or is unavailable.
  • Another factor is when a member doesn’t get formally connected to the company, brand, or prominent personality. And he acquires possession of the server.
  • If someone gets engaged in harassing people in any way.
  • If someone promotes hatred or anything else that violates the rules by personally assaulting or scaring somebody.

These are the most common causes of losing a server’s verification accreditation.

Bottom line

Although the most recent version addressed this problem, you can attempt the solutions above if you run into the issue of “channel verification level too high.”

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