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Can I Use a Nike Gift Card at Foot Locker? Complete Guide

If you are a hiker or a sports person, you surely would be greatly pleased when you receive a gift card from Nike from your family or friend on your birthday. When you are not near Nike, you will be searching for the converse retail shops where they issue items for Nike vouchers. Apparently, can I use a nike gift card at foot locker should be a question that your mind comes up with when you look for a place to redeem the received gift card.

Gift cards are a fruitful, extended version of exchanging gifts lately when you do not have an idea of the measurements of the person who received it or when you can’t figure out what to choose. Some stores now offer both physical and e-gift cards making the process more convenient and smarter.

Nike is a famous place that allows these two kinds of gift cards. Nike allows using their prepaid gift cards to purchase sportswear, footwear, accessories, apparel and various other items for sports activities and safety. 

Can I Use a Nike Gift Card at Foot Locker?

Other than Nike-owned stores, gift cards can be redeemed in converse-owned retails in the United States and Puerto Rico and authorised stores. You also can visit,, and Nike apps when purchasing an item for your gift card. Other than those ways, you can simply call their hotline number and redeem your card for the desired product.

You should have seen that Foot locker displays Nike shoes in their stores. Yes, Foot locker is also an authorised dealer of Nike products. Therefore, can I use a nike gift card at foot locker is a consequent quiz you wonder when you have one of those in your hand. 

It is sadly a “NO”. Although foot locker sells Nike products, it does not allow purchasing items with a Nike gift card. 

If you have a Nike gift card to be redeemed, there are many other ways and options that you could easily follow. Nike has given options, as we mentioned above, for the people who are far away from a Nike-owned or authorised shop or for the ones that do not want a physical shopping experience.

You do not need to hurry, as Nike gift cards are not expiring. Instead, you can also recharge the gift card on your preference. But Nike does not allow you to resell, return or cancel any gift card after the payments. You also cannot buy other gift vouchers using a Nike card.

You also have the opportunity to use your gift card out of the country as Nike has spread its branches and authorised branches to 170 countries, including Germany, France, Finland, Italy, Ireland, Poland, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and Austria etc. 

How to Use Nike Gift Cards Online?

In the payment window of, you will be asked whether you have a gift card, product voucher or promo code. Please tick the box near it and enter the PIN and click apply. Your total will be finalised and displayed after deducting the amount that was in the gift card. Nike also has given the opportunity to use more than one gift card on one order.

Every physical card has been printed with the card number and PIN on the backside of it. When in e-gift cards, the e-mail will contain the necessary information.

Why is My Nike Gift Card Not Working on The App?

If you are getting an error message when using the online method to redeem a gift card, do check whether the PIN is entered correctly or not. Enter the code by typing your own because copy-pasting may sometimes change the code with added features.

If you need further guidance, you can call their hotline number, as mentioned on their official website.

How Long does It Take Nike to Refund Money?

Their website states that it will take them two days to proceed with the return after the date of receiving. Within 2-3 working days, your money will be transacted to your bank account.

Foot Locker Gift Cards

This US sportswear and footwear company now has expanded its branches to 28 countries and has been ranked number 4 in NPS scoring. (Net Promoter Score) Let’s dig more into their gift card procedure. 

Foot Locker has a gift card method which allows a gift card holder to expense it at any Foot Locker store, a Lady Foot Locker, Kids Foot Locker, Footaction, Champs Sports and at, or via Eastbay phone inquiries. You can select from a range. Foot locker gift card starts at $10 and continues up to $250.

You can redeem a Foot locker gift card at any Foot locker-owned store in the US or else with stores of member brands of the major company, as we have mentioned above.

Does Foot Locker sell Nike gift cards?

Foot Locker presents gift cards from Nike, Adidas, Under Armour and Puma, for instance, but you can only redeem these cards in a Foot Locker branch or in branches of its sub-brands, as we explained in an earlier paragraph.  

Can you return shoes at Foot Locker?

You would be offered a free exchange in Foot Locker if it did not match or fit you within 45 days from the purchase to return or exchange. Only the items in new condition will be exchanged, and you must pack them in the original packaging that was purchased with all the tags. 

In refunds, you will receive the amount from the payment method you used to purchase the item. For more details, you can refer to their official website. 


There are a wide number of places where you can use your Nike gift card to purchase. But Foot Locker is not on the list. 

But you do not need to worry because your Nike gift card never expires and can be redeemed online. In this article, we have explained the online redeeming way with some commonly seen questions about Nike and Foot Locker gift cards system. Hope this will solve your questions regarding redeems of gift cards return and refund of these products.

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