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Can I Put My QLink SIM Card in Another Phone?

The qualified home receives a cellphone, and if you’re the recipient, you may join their connection by asking, “can I put my QLink sim card in another phone.” The answer to the question “can I put my QLink SIM card in another phone?” is provided here, along with all other pertinent information.


One of the MVNO providers with strong growth in the United States is QLink Wireless. Numerous Americans have benefited from this carrier’s low-cost service delivery. However, their largest market involvement is in governmental mobility applications, where their solutions have had a stellar reputation.

As both a Mobile Virtual Network Provider employed by T-Mobile, QLink Wireless carries out its duties. For qualifying US Lifeline program participants, it provides cost-free cellular services. 

In addition, they offer a selection of smartphones that are compatible with their system. QLink is a lovely services company that makes it possible that you can get plans as well as cellular phones for a lifetime.

You may learn the explanation “Can I put my QLink SIM card in another phone” as well as the detailed steps to move a QLink SIM card to one smart smartphone inside the sections that follow.

Can I Put My QLink SIM Card in Another Phone?

The sole prerequisite for physically moving the SIM card from one smartphone to the next is that it must fit inside the target device. It depends on whether the card would function or not. 

Your SIM card ought to function on the smartphone if it is activated. You may activate it, utilize its various capabilities, and make and receive calls. You will encounter a message that reads “Invalid SIM” or “No SIM Card” or anything comparable, whereas if a phone has been locked and therefore not functional using the SIM card.

How is the QLink SIM Card Transferred to a New Mobile?

In order to effectively move the QLink SIM card onto any new smartphone, adhere to the steps outlined below, whether you intend to acquire a new SIM card or utilize an existing one.

Step 1: To begin, switch off the smartphone and cautiously extract the SIM card making sure it is suitable for the service. It could be found inside the SIM tray upon the sides, upper, or underneath the rear panel of your smartphone, behind another battery. Using the ejector tool, you may access the SIM tray.

Step 2: Find the SIM slot of the replacement smartphone and place the SIM card inside the new smartphone using the proper size.

Step 3: Launch your new smartphone.

Step 4: If the SIM card still needs to be enabled, get in touch with QLink customer support.

You may move an existing SIM card onto QLink as well. To determine if a SIM card remains suitable with a service, you must utilize the final four digits of such SIM card details. Typically, the reverse of cards has the card details written on them. To check for suitability, enter the four numbers into the QLink Wireless webpage.

Contacting QLink customer support and giving a location in which a SIM card may be supplied is required if the SIM card is incompatible. After the address has been verified, the SIM card will be delivered through the mail a few days later.

All that has to do to begin using QLink Wireless services again forever, if they are suitable, is register the smartphone.

How do you Register the New Wireless QLink SIM Card?

  1. Plug in the SIM Card

To connect your new SIM card, this SIM Card Kit comes with what you need. Find the SIM card inside your smartphone. It may be hidden inside the rear panel or within a slot on the sides or top panels.

To get rid of your present SIM, use the SIM kit’s accompanying SIM card extractor tools. Please choose the correct SIM card length so that it will fit in the device’s slot. Open the trays on the smartphone, place the replacement SIM card inside the SIM slot, and afterward, turn the device on.

  1. Switch up the Network

You must access the options on the phone in order to restart your connection.

For Android, head to Settings. Then select Reset / Settings, which may be found under Settings. Click Network Reset, then adhere to the instructions.

For Apple, select General under Settings. Reset & Choose Tap Network Reset Options is located after you move down. Authenticate the resetting by entering the iPhone’s passcode.

  1. Switch Your Telephone Number

Find answers to some of our commonly asked questions regarding changing your contact information.

  1. Install the App

Install your My Mobile Account application from the Apple App Store or even the Android Play Store and update any profile, then follow the on-screen instructions. Following that, sign in with the QLink mobile number. Additionally, you may handle account management by going to

You can locate it in the system preferences if you need help remembering your QLink mobile number.

For Android

  • Find Settings.
  • Hit the About Phone or Even about Device button.
  • Choose Status.
  • Please choose My Phone Number.

For Apple

  • Access Contacts
  • Choose My Card

How Can I Reset My QLink Phone so that I May Set Up a Different SIM Card?

Reset the Android Network Manually

  1. Access Settings. In the General Management menu, choose Backup & Reset. Decide on Reset Network Settings. Tap Reset. Enter the passcode after that, and afterward, click “Reset.” Wait until the device has completed the reset.
  2. Start by opening Settings. Ascertain whether Mobile Data is turned on by selecting it. The Android device’s settings will affect this. On and off again by touching the button; Green should now be the default color. Then navigate to Settings. Await the procedure’s completion after selecting System Updates and tapping Update Profile. If asked to accept updates, choose YES. Now, restart the smartphone.

Resetting the Network Manually on an iPhone

Navigate to Settings. Get in Network Reset Settings after selecting General, reading down, then clicking reset. Afterward, enter the smartphone’s passcode and choose Reset with confidence. Watch for the gadget to finish its reset procedure.

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