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AirPods Connecting While In Case? Causes And Fixes

What if you suddenly notice that your battery is nearly dead when you check your phone after a few hours of work, even without any connected devices? If you are an iPhone user, the blame is on your AirPods that are in their charging slot. Airpods connecting while in case will knock down with a feather if you have something special to attend next and if an emergency comes up. We all admit that a dead phone battery is one of the worst nightmares we ever meet in our daily routine.

Airpods are the earbuds introduced by Apple Inc in 2016 along with their iPhone 7. Soon it became the most wanted apple product. The clearness in phone calls, audio quality and technology attracted the crowd easily for the product. The charging is as simple as pie. All you have to do is to place them in their case when you are not using those.

Why Do Airpods Connecting While in Case?

Malfunctioning your AirPods will be great trouble in your busy lifestyle. That means it is time for a check-up. There may be various reasons for this issue. If you have airpods connecting while in case, check the following and try to identify the reason first.

Charging case issues

If your charging case does not charge the AirPods, then there may be residuals, and dust inside that have been there for a long time. Cleaning your charging unit is a must, and if you do not take the necessary measures, the damage will be serious. If you find such dirt inside, clean those. 

You can’t just use water and clean it in seconds. It must be carefully done. When cleaning, use a slightly wet cloth and then wipe out the wet with another dry cloth. If water is not enough, you can use isopropyl alcohol.

Slightly dip a lint-free cloth or a cotton pad with isopropyl alcohol and clean the stuff. Avoid touching the charging slot with any wet cloth or liquid. In both cases, let it completely dry before placing the AirPods again.

Similar situations occur when you are not using an original Apple charger. It causes charging problems and leads to reconnecting with your phone.

The used age of your AirPods and the charging unit is also a factor that affects this auto-reconnection. You can keep an updated pair of AirPods to avoid these uncomfortable situations.

The network is still on

If your Bluetooth network is still on or has any issue with it, then AirPods may still be connected even though you thought they were charging. Turn off Bluetooth when you are done using AirPods. If you are using the auto disconnect option and it is still connected even after placing it in the case, then it must be a matter bound with the software of the devices.

This happens as iPhones have a feature of scanning every time and connecting if the way is clear. It is probably another issue if it is connected even after Bluetooth is turned off.

Software errors

There is firmware which prevents the connection of airpods while in their case with the device. If this comes up with a bug, AirPods may be connected even though those are on the charging unit. 

Doing a reset is the only way to get rid of this problem, as the complete system refreshes after a reset. After a reset, it is similar to the state which was there just after the purchase. A reset will also clear any settings that make airpods connect to the devices while in the charging slot. Before that, forget your AirPods from the device.

Refer to the Bluetooth settings in settings. And you will find the way.

Then keep the AirPods inside the charger and open the lid at the back. Press the button there for 15 seconds. When the beam starts flashing, it means you have ended the reset process successfully. To begin the connection again, press the button, and the device will detect the AirPods.

It would help if you also kept the software up to date to avoid disturbances like these.

The air pod case is not closed

An opened AirPods container means it has the capability of connecting to surrounding devices. Take necessary measures to close the AirPods charging case when they are on the charge to let them disconnect from your iPhone or iPad.

How to Prevent Airpods From Connecting While in Case?

For your easiness, we would list the things you could do if you identified that your AirPods do not disconnect even if you keep them in the charger.

  • As we discussed earlier, turn off your Bluetooth connection on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Check whether the automatic detection is turned on. If so, you should turn it off. Go to Bluetooth in settings. Select AirPods. If you see that the automatic ear detection is on, touch the toggle and turn it off.
  • Go to your settings. Then refer to general. Then, from the menu that pops up, select software update and update the software of your device.
  • You can easily reset network settings by following the settings and then selecting general.
  • Try resetting your AirPods, as we have discussed earlier in the above passage of this article.
  • Perform regular updates of the software or airpods.

Why do My AirPods Keep Connecting and Disconnecting While in Case?

This happens in the instances where the battery of your AirPods is not sufficient. A complete charge will give you about continuous 5 hours of listening or, if making a call, it will last for 3 hours. When you charge only 15 minutes, it will last up to 3 hours of listening time and or in calling; it will last for 2 hours.

A 10-minute charge will give your AirPods a charge of 20%-75%, depending on the device and the charger.

Final verdict

Airpods connecting while in case is not normal. If it happens you will need to find the reason first in order to get the solution. We have described the common issues and the steps you can follow to clear them up. 

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